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Use the Arrow Keys to control the Meteor-X. Up accelerates, Down decelerates, Left and Right turn the ship.
Fire your weapon with the Space Bar.
Pause the game with P.

75,000 points: ARMOR - Asteroids do less damage when they hit.
150,000 points: REGENERATION - Your ship will slowly regenerate health.
200,000 points: LONGSHOT - Your bullets will never disappear.
400,000 points: RAPIDSHOT - Say hello to my little friend...

Recent Updates

Dec 22 2007 Modified: Point requirements for power-ups.
Dec 12 2007 Fixed: asteroids spawning on top of you
Nov 2 2007 Added: prettiness
Oct 25 2007 Added: ajax posting
Oct 12 2007 Fixed: scoreboards
Aug 11 2007 Added: accuracy bonus

Created by Caleb Jones © 2010